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Equine Gestalt Coaching and Retreats
Horses allow us the freedom to show up in a way that is authentic. They don’t judge or tell us to be less than or more than we are. They listen with open hearts and help us  restore our souls to who we were created to become before the world told us what we should be.   


Let the wind take your burdens.

When you step into my round pen, I will guide you on an experience that allows you to shed past experiences that might be holding you back from experiencing life to the fullest. You will leave your pain in the dirt to be taken away by the wind.  

Have you experienced a disappointment that changed the course of your life?

Sometimes our lives look diffrently than what we had dreamed when we set off on our own. We get blown off path and struggle to find where we were first headed. That can be the beauty of life. Now let’s find where you want to go from here.

Have you experienced a trauma that is holding you back?

Trauma can show up in many ways in our lives. No matter what traumatic event you encountered, finishing up the unfinished, allows you to move through and release it. The herd and I are trained to help you process traumatic events in your past.

Are you searching for direction in your life?

Are you unsure of what to do next? I find that discovering who we are in our core will give us the insights to a life that lights our path and gives us joy.  When you work with me, I will give you the tools to discover your truth.

Are you a stay at home mom wondering how to find yourself again?

Being a stay at home mom is an incredible role that you play. It is amazing to be able to watch your kids grow and take part in the day to day of running a household. It can also be incredibly draining. Who was I before I become a mom? Where did I want to go? What IS my favorite color? Some questions seem simple, but when you are giving all you have to keep tiny humans alive, it can be easy to forget. Pushing aside what we need in service to those we love seems to be part of the job. What if we could still be the mom we want to be and know that we are valuable and worthy as well?

Are you a woman who is ready to feel the full spectrum of emotions?

There was a time in my life when I was proud of the fact that I was emotionally tough. When things were at the lowest they could be, I would take pride in the fact that I could look people in the eye and tell them that I was fine. Deep down, I was not. In the masking of my pain, I was also unaware that I was masking my joy as well. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel our deepest hurt, we also do not allow ourselves to feel our deepest joy. I find that when we learn to take a look at and become aware of pain and joy, we are able to live lives that are more vibrant. 

Phone Coaching

Get customized and targeted time to work on your dreams

Gestalt Group

Join a small group of women on the ranch and explore your truth while supporting others find theirs. 

Personal Equine Gestalt Sessions for Adults and Adolescents

Step into an experiential discovery with Alli and the horses. Find the path to let go. 


Take a step back in time and enjoy the serentiy of the plains of Central Montana while finding grace for yourself and releasing trauma. 

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® is Scientifically Proven  


A twelve month study, completed in 2018, examined the relationship between the EGC Method® and the change in the emotional feelings of hopefulness, self-esteem and self-worth of each participating client, the client’s perception of the quality of services received and the client’s continuing interest in participating in the EGC Method.

Overall, the results showed the EGC Method ® may have an effect on improving the emotional state in children, adolescents, and adults in the populations surveyed. Findings demonstrated that there was an increase in the feelings of hopefulness and an improved sense of self-esteem and self-worth with the clients who participated in an EGCMethod session.


Felt more hopeful about their future after a EGC session


Felt better after an EGC Session


Would participate again


Alli’s beautiful heart is present as soon as you sit across from her. You will feel safe and heard from the first moment. As a coach, Alli’s intuition is spot on, She will guide you through any challenge with grace.
Kim B

Adrian, MO

Alli is an amazing coach. She has a very calm presence and I feel very safe with her. Alli authentically listens and shows up. I feel she truly wants the best for me. Thank you Alli for your beautiful warm heart that allowed me to open up and tell a story I’ve never felt safe to tell before. You are an incredible coach.

Siera S.

Lodi, WI

Alli has a very comforting and grounding presence to settle her clients into the moment. Before I knew it she took me to a deeper level of understanding and helped me consider my question from a deeper place. I gained a new appreciation for a  difficult subject in my life and with it, a deeper sense of peace.


Elizabethtown, KY

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