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Frequently Asked

What should I wear to the ranch?

Pack your boots to keep your feet warm, out of the dirt, and safe. Layer up on your clothes. The weather can be  unpredictable and I want you to be comfortable as you experience your time with the horses. A warm jacket and gloves in the winter with a hat and/or scarf is incredibly helpful. For the summer months, I suggest a hat, sunscreen, boots and whatever layers you find comfortable. 

Do I get to pick the horse I want to work with?

While that sounds like a wonderful idea, we don’t get to choose who we work with that day. I ask the horses which client they want to work with that day. Based off of the energies that they are picking up, they actually choose the client they feel they can help the most. So the horses get to choose you!

Do I get to ride a horse?

My horses actually partner with us at free liberty and on the ground. They are free to move around and it gives them space to work and share their gifts with us. So no riding involved. 

I am scared of horses, can I still get the healing from the herd?

Absolutely! I will take into account your fears and even have mini horses that we can work with in an experience that will empower you. 

Do you have a space for me to stay if I have to come from far away?

Yes! I have cabins and spaces for people to come and experience the tranquility of Central Montana. 

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