Alli Caraveo

Equine Gestalt Practitioner

Hi I am Alli! So glad you are here and exploring options to begin your path toward healing. 

My Story


I have always turned to horses when things didn’t make sense. The horses never judged me for falling apart, they never told me to be less than I was in the moment and they have always carried me through turmoil. Through the confusion of growing up in a single parent household, the loss of my dad to drugs, alcohol and suicide, abusive relationships, big life changes, marriage, kids and finding myself. They have always been present, holding space and allowing me to be free. Most recently, we as a family decided we were not in a place that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. Our family was strapped for time, connection and peace. We made a big decision to move our family and animals two states north and start over. We thought we had found the perfect place for us. The universe had other ideas though! We faced a huge loss of everything we had worked for in the past 15 years. Through the loving guidance of my herd and my coach, I was able to walk through the deep disappointment of not reaching what I thought was my destiny. My husband and I found the perfect spot to land and walked through the difficult process of buying property with grace and compassion. While trusting the process was challenging, we were able to stay calm and grounded while we worked through our disappointments. Since then we have been able to call our little slice of Central Montana home. Now we are surrounded by calm, slower pace of living, wildlife on all sides, wide open spaces and beauty in every direction that we look. Our healing place has found us. 


My Herd


Shasta is the Matriarch of the herd. She has been with me since I was 13 and everyone knows she is in charge. She is my most trusted friend and my biggest support. Shasta loves to squeal at the boys when she’s feeling cute and put them in their place when she’s feeling feisty. As the oldest in the herd, she is full of wisdom and profound truth.


Timber is a kind soul. He rules the ranch and keeps the herd in line with quiet power. Timber came to us from a rescue where he had been due to being abandoned. He is the biggest goof around and an incredible loving soul.


Meteor came to us from an auction yard. She had been set to be a child’s pony but was a high spirited little thing who had some bad habits. She really just wanted someone to understand her. Since she has found our home, she has blossomed into a beautiful, calm soul and loves to drink a cold seltzer after a long day.


Rogue came to us from a rescue. He had been taken off of his range and then starved in a pen. He is a mustang and was born wild on the plains in Oregon. His life hasn’t been an easy one, and he is not quick to trust. He lives for treats and when he lets you into his world, he loves to give hugs. Lately I have been calling him the Grandpa of the herd. He really enjoys hanging out and watching kids. 


Klamath also came to us from a rescue. The remnants of previous abuse are still present on his body. He is our main healing horse and has found his life’s calling. He is truly connected to the humans who walk into the round pen.


Trinity is a beautiful partner.. She is the sweetest mare around. She is a steady, calm girl for her young years. Her steadfast energy is incredibly fun to work with. She loves to kick up her heels and take long naps in the sun.


Cinco is a Nevada born mustang. He is still learning what boundaries are. He won’t be in the healing herd quite yet but he is still fun to have around! He loves all the snacks he can get and is not afraid to put his nose where it doesn’t belong.


Tonopah is a Nevada born mustang. He is the most beautiful horse around! He is slow to trust and he doesn’t connect with people if they aren’t standing in their own truth. He really helps clients dig deep into their truth. 

My Approach

As an Equine Gestalt Coach, I see every person as whole. The answers lie within you and sometimes it takes the nudge of a hoof to find what you seek. For me that nudge was a longing to find a way to help people heal and incorporate the innate abilities of a horse in that healing. Little did I know that on that journey, I would also have to heal my own trauma.  In healing, I have found peace and freedom in my everyday and live a life that I love. I am now certified in the methods of Equine Gestalt Coaching from the Touched by a Horse program pioneered by Melisa Pearce. This coaching approach takes into account that each person holds their own answers and it takes a deep look within to break through to your truth. I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your own healing.