Restorative strides

 Services and Offerings

Equine Gestalt Coaching

In this 90 minute one on one session with Alli and a horse, you will be able to identify the things that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Somatic awareness and guidance from the horse will help us to uncover what it is that you truly want to say  and process in a way that will clear your unfinished business. Gestalt sessions are unlike any other modality, in that you will truly be able to let go and move forward. If you are ready to start your healing journey, schedule your discovery call below. 

Women's Circle

For millenia, women have come together to process, to create and to work side by side. In our busy, modern days, we don’t find that as often. This is a sacred circle that meets weekly to process, clear unfinished business, work through trauma, discover who we are and hold space for others doing the same.  A lot of our time is also spent helping each other destress from the week! Our Wednesday evening sessions are held outside if weather permits or in the bunkhouse. Be prepared for all kinds of weather. You are welcome to attend any or all of our sessions starting May 


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Phone Coaching

Get targeted coaching for your goals. In these 30 minute sessions we will work towards the goals that you set 

Gestalt Group

Join other women at the ranch as we work toward finding awareness and understanding within ourselves. Group meets weekly and is an affordable way to process and let go of trauma in a safe way. 

Workshops at the Ranch

Join the herd at the ranch and dive into different topics. We will be offering workshops throughout the year. Watch Facebook, Instagram and our newsletter for announcements. 

Custom Services

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? I can customize an experience to fit your needs. I am able to cater to corporate team building experiences, large schools, non-profits, family groups, or other needs you might have. 

The Ranch

When you drive onto the ranch at Restorative Strides, you are greeted by a feeling of serenity and a feeling of stepping back in time. Things move slower here and the quiet presence of wide open fields with a stunning vista of Square Butte are sure to help the stresses of life melt away. Enjoy watching the horses graze in the pasture and see the milk cows as they saunter around looking for their next mouthful of grass. Sit in the rocking chair as you watch the sun set behind Square Butte and breathe in the fresh, Central Montana air. 


Come stay on the ranch and enjoy 4 days of healing work and beautiful views. Enjoy tasting ranch raised, locally sourced ingredients for your first meal at the ranch as you feel the stresses of your day to day life melting away. Retreats run from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning. We will dive deep into what is holding you back from the life you want and discover who you are at your core. 

Upcoming Retreats

June 22-25, 2023

Finding Your Individuality

June is a beautiful time to visit Montana! The grass is green, the birds are plentiful and the weather is mild. Enjoy the scenery as we dive into what it means to stand in your truth.

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In this retreat, we will be focusing on rediscovering who you are and what holds true for you. You and the other retreat attendees will dive deep into what values you hold, what your family of origin taught you to be and how you show up in the world. As you leave, you will feel a renewed sense of knowing who you are.


Retreat will run from Thursday afternoon until Sunday Morning. Food will be provided. 

August 3-6, 2023

Nurturing Wholeness Into Motherhood

Mom’s you work extra hard at keeping the family fed, shuttling them back and forth, feeding, cleaning and taking care of everyone. In the bustle of the day to day, you forget that you are important.

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When you look around and aren’t sure who you will be after the kids are grown and gone, what do you do? Let’s dig in to discovering your dreams, your desires and ways to care for your soul as you stumble throught this thing called motherhood. This is the perfect time to reconnect to your soul. Enjoy the sisterhood created in witnessing the growth and discovery of other moms who find their truth and passion. The peacefulness of the ranch is the perfect place to reconnect to you and recharge.


Retreat will run from Thursday afternoon until Sunday Morning. Food will be provided. 

September 14-17, 2023

Restoring Your Truth

There are events that leave a big imprint on us as we walk through life. Sometimes those events push us off course and it can seem as if we are powerless in the moment.

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In this retreat, we will  process the trauma that ocurred and leave it in the dirt where it will never need to be picked up again. The horses have a magical way of seeing you and hearing your heart while helping you put the pieces back together in a way that is empowering. 


Retreat will run from Thursday afternoon until Sunday Morning. Food will be provided. 



Other Offerings

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Send us an email describing what you would like to see or the vision that you have. I will be able to book corporate retreats, workshops, travel with the horses to you under the right conditions.


“She was so dialed in, asking all the questions at the right and appropriate moments, bringing a beautiful closure to the work that we did. She is a ray of sunshine. Thank you.”

Kimber L.

Chaplin, CT

“Alli was an amazing coach. She instantly made me feel safe and comfortable to share my story. She knew exactly where to take me and I’m so grateful I landed in her capable hands.”

Kelly D.

West Newberg, MA

“Thank you Alli for being such a great coach to me. You have a very strong and supportive energy that gave me the strength to be vulnerable. You are such a wise soul and a truly bright loving light.” 

Teena D.

Shorewood, MN